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TikTok adds a new option to insert text titles in video thumbnails

Yes, I know that TikTok is under a cloud at the moment and that it may not be the best time to provide updates on possible tools that marketers can use to maximize their presence on TikTok. But the fact is that it is still a very influential platform and that many brands are studying how they could use it within their marketing strategies, whether they have concerns about data sharing or not.

And if TikTok is eventually sold to an American company, as expected, it will likely remain an important consideration.

Therefore, despite ongoing negotiations, this latest update is relevant.

As you can see in this video, now when you tap on the ‘Select cover’ option while uploading your TikTok clip, which is the frame that users will see on your profile and in discovery sources, you will also be able to add custom text, in various styles, specifically for your cover image.

That could be another way to draw viewers to your posts, with simple explanations of what your video is about.

Thumbnails can play a key role in engaging video viewers, as YouTube explains:

Thumbnails and titles act like billboards to help viewers decide to watch your videos. Well-designed titles and icons can drive more fans to your channel to entice viewers to watch your videos because they know what to expect and make your content.

That’s important on TikTok too, because as TikTok recently pointed out in an explainer on how its distribution algorithm works:

A strong indicator of interest, as if an end-user to see a longer video from beginning to end, would have more weight than a weak indicator, as if the viewer and the creator of the video are in the same country.

As such, giving users more information on what to expect from your clip could get more people to watch it to completion, thereby improving the reach of the content.

And it also looks more professional. The new option is available now in the latest version of TikTok.

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Originally posted 2020-09-10 23:59:01.

Jasmine Thulaski

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