How to Delete / Unsubscribe Channel on YouTube

This section introduces how to Delete / Unsubscribe Channels on YouTube that you no longer see on YouTube, and how to deal with them when they cannot be deleted on smartphones (iPhone / Android) and PCs. Learn how to unsubscribe from YouTube subscriptions!

How to delete / Uubscribe Channel on YouTube [Individual deletion]

YouTube is a video distribution service used worldwide. YouTube has a subscription function, and if you use the subscription function for your favorite account (YouTuber), you can immediately access the channel of the account you subscribed to.

If you turn on the notification setting in the subscription function, you can also have a notification sent to your PC or smartphone (iPhone / Android) when the latest video of the registered account is distributed or when the live distribution starts.

It is a convenient subscription function, but I will introduce how to delete a lot of accounts if you want to subscribe to many accounts and organize your account later .


To delete an account (YouTuber) registered on the PC version, first log in to the PC version YouTube official website.

Display the video of the registered account or the channel page of the account.

If you want to delete the registered channel , click “Registered” in the red frame . When you click it, a confirmation screen asking whether you really want to cancel the registration is displayed. Click “Unregister Channel” on the right to complete the deletion of the registered channel of the account.

Smartphone [Android]

Here’s how to delete your subscription on YouTube’s smartphone version of Android. First of all, launch the YouTube app on your Android.

Start the YouTube app, and when the home screen is displayed, tap the video of the account (YouTuber) you want to delete the subscription channel .

When you tap on the video,  tap “Registered” in the red frame .

When you tap “Registered”, a confirmation screen is displayed. Tap “OK” to complete the registration channel deletion.

Smartphone [iPhone / iPad]

I will introduce how to delete the subscription channel on YouTube smartphone version iPhone. First, launch the YouTube app on your iPhone.

After starting the YouTube apptap the video of the account (YouTuber) you want to delete the subscription channel .

tap “Registered” in the red frame .

When you tap “Registered”, a confirmation screen. Tap “Unregistered” to complete the deletion of the registered channel.

How to delete / cancel subscription on YouTube [Batch deletion]

In order to remove a lot of registration channels in YouTube, so many times is time consuming and to display the channel page in your account (YouTuber) you want to video or deleted, was registered channel how to delete by batch display the account introduce the To do.


I will introduce you from the PC version of YouTube on how to display registered channels at once.

Log in to the YouTube official website on your PC as before. When the home screen is displayed, click “Registered Channel” in the red frame .

Click “Subscribed Channels” to see a list of the latest videos and related videos of the account (YouTuber) that subscribed. Click “Manage”

in the red frame at the top right of the screen.

Click “Manage” to display a list of subscription account (YouTuber) icons and profile screens.

If you want to delete a subscription, click “Registered” on the right side of your account .

Clicking this will display a confirmation screen asking if you want to delete the channel. Click “Unsubscribe” to complete the deletion of the registered channel.

Smartphone [Android]

In the smartphone version of Android YouTube, how to display all registered channel accounts (YouTuber) at once, first launch the Android version YouTube and display the home screen.

The home screen is displayed, tap “Registered Channel” in the red frame .

then tap “Subscribed Channels“, the channel list is displayed, and the accounts (YouTuber) that have subscribed to the channel are listed and displayed in a batch.

When you tap the account you want to delete the subscription channel, the channel page of the account is displayed, tap “registered”.

Tap “Registered” to display a confirmation screen. Tap “OK” to complete the deletion.

Smartphone [iPhone / iPad]

This section introduces how to display all registered channels on the smartphone version of iPhone YouTube.

Start YouTube on iPhone. Activate and tap “Subscribed Channel” at the bottom of the YouTube screen as shown in the image above .

After tapping “Subscriptions”, tap “All” at the top right .

Accounts (YouTuber) that have subscribed are displayed in a batch.

You can also tap the account one by one on this screen to delete it from the channel page, but if you tap “Manage” at the top right of this screen, it will be easier to delete.

If you tap “Manage”, the registered accounts (YouTuber) are still displayed in a batch as in the previous screen, but you can delete the registration on this screen. Swipe left on the

account you want to delete . Swipe to display the “Unregister” menu screen. Tap “Unregister” . If you tap Unregister, the confirmation screen will not be displayed, so you can tap to delete immediately. Even if you accidentally tap and delete, you can re-register immediately on that screen.

If you can’t delete / unsubscribe on YouTube

Even if you try to delete an account (YouTuber) registered on YouTube, you may not be able to delete it. Here are the reasons why you can’t delete your YouTube subscription .

When there is a cause on the user side

You do not need to register for a Google account to use YouTube only. If you have not completed Google account registration, you will not be able to use the YouTube subscription channel function, so let’s check if your Google account registration is complete.

Account suspended

One reason you may not be able to delete your YouTube subscription is to suspend your YouTube account .

In the case of an account that distributes videos on YouTube (YouTuber), if you distribute videos that violate YouTube rules such as videos that violate copyright, your account will be suspended and you can not delete the subscription channel Instead, you will not be able to use YouTube services.

If there is a problem on YouTube

One of the reasons why you can’t delete your YouTube subscription is because of the YouTube operation.

YouTube will delete your account (YouTuber) for violating YouTube’s terms. Accounts deleted from the YouTube operation side may not be able to be deleted with the smartphone version (iPhone / Android) application .

Even if I delete the registration on my smartphone (iPhone / Android), the error message “Error loading Tap to retry” appears and I cannot delete it.

If you see “Error loading Tap to retry” while trying to delete your subscription using your smartphone’s YouTube app, your account has been deleted.

What to do if you can’t delete / cancel your subscription on YouTube

If there is a problem that seems to be the reason why you can not delete the YouTube subscription channel earlier, we will introduce how to deal with it.

When there is a cause on the user side

If you are using YouTube for smartphone version (iPhone / Android), if the YouTube app is not updated to the latest version, problems such as the inability to delete the subscription channel will occur. Check the version.

Account suspended

In order to have your account suspended and unsuspended, you will need to contact the YouTube management side to file an “objection”, and you will not be able to do so, so please check if your YouTube account has been suspended.

Even if you leave the account for days or weeks, the suspension will not be canceled, so if you receive a notice of account suspension, take steps to cancel it.

If there is a problem on YouTube

In the smartphone version of YouTube (iPhone / Android), it is not possible to delete the subscription channel of the account deleted from the YouTube operation side, but it can also be deleted in YouTube on the PC version, and why the account was deleted The reason is also displayed .

Even on smartphones, you can delete the subscription channel by opening the YouTube site using a browser instead of starting the YouTube application.

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How to remove / unsubscribe from subscriptions on YouTube

The YouTube subscription feature allows you to be notified when your registered account (YouTuber) broadcasts live or new videos .

Frequently delivered accounts receive notifications frequently, and during midnight, depending on the settings of the smartphone, notifications may arrive at bedtime.

If you don’t need to be notified, here’s how to change your notification settings for your subscribed account.

For PC

The procedure for canceling the subscription notification on the PC version is the same as the procedure for displaying registered accounts at once, which was introduced earlier. Click “Subscriptions” as

then click “Manage” at the top right of the displayed screen .

Click “Manage” to display the registered accounts in a list.

There is a bell-shaped icon to the right of the list. This is the icon that changes the notification. The icon in the image above is the icon when “Notify” is set.

This When you click the bell icon, notification arrives looks like.

For smartphone

In the smartphone version of YouTube, if you want to change the notification settings of the registration channel,  from the home screen tap the “Subscriptions” , and tap the “All” will.

When you tap “All”, a list of registered accounts is displayed in a batch, so you can change the notification settings by tapping “Manage” in the upper right .

When you tap Manage,

As with the PC version, a bell icon is displayed on the right. The status of the bell icon in the above image is set to “Not notify”, so if you want to allow notifications , tap this icon to receive notifications .


How was it?

This time, we introduced how to delete YouTube subscriptions . By registering a Google account, you can use the YouTube subscription channel function.

The method of deleting a subscription is not so difficult, and you can change the notification settings on the subscription deletion screen.

By allowing notifications, you will be notified when the latest video or live stream of your registered account starts.

Live streaming of your favorite account is a useful feature for those who do not want to miss.

If you are unable to delete your subscription, please make sure you have completed your Google account registration or if you are using the YouTube app, make sure the YouTube app is up to date.

If the registered account is suspended, it can not be deleted from the application, so if you want to delete the account suspended channel, you can delete the registration from the PC version or smartphone browser, The reason for this is also displayed.

By registering the account (YouTuber) you want to support without difficult operations, the YouTube subscription channel function can display the channel page of the registered account, so if you want to enjoy the videos of your favorite account quickly, This is a useful function.

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