Free TikTok Fans


Free TikTok Fans

TikTok, a social network known as Douyin in China, is a unique service focused on short videos. The popularity of this platform (500 million users in 2018) determined its relevance as an advertising platform.

Many people come to TikTok to become popular and famous, others increase their name or brand awareness. Still, others seek to make money on advertising. And all this is possible, you just need a popular account with a large number of fans. And now a detailed algorithm on how to achieve this.

Attractive profile

In the golden age of marketing, we still love our eyes. Therefore, before ordering a cheat on TikTok fans or followers, prepare your profile with high quality.

Be sure to write the real name, on the avatar - a real photo in good quality. The nickname needs to be short, catchy, and within the content that you will offer.

The account description is literally a couple of short sentences that will give the user basic answers - what kind of account it is and what content is provided here.

Correct formatting

First, do not shoot horizontal video, although this is the correct way to shoot it by all the rules. TikTok is focused on the vertical format, so all videos here should be exactly like that.

Second, use trending hashtags. In this regard, everything is simple - on TikTok, there is a “Trending” tab, and on the right side of it there is a “Popular hashtags” category indicating the total number of views for each of them.

But remember, a hashtag doesn't just need to be popular. If it does not match the meaning of the video, your channel will get a bad name and lose the trust of users.

Original content

Free TikTok Fans and Followers is an important tool that must be used. But if your content is not interesting and original, no amount of promotion will help you.

The video should be useful or make you smile, otherwise, you won't get more than a couple of hundred views. Try to come up with something special, you can only stand out with originality.

Use the highest quality videos and the highest resolution - low-quality videos are quoted much worse, but there are none in the TOP. Choose your soundtrack wisely.

Regularity and interactivity

With the first, everything is clear - the video must be downloaded constantly, at least 1-3 times a day. Of course, the speed of placing the videos should not compromise their quality.

The second point is interactive, that is, interaction with users. Respond to all comments, even stupid or provocative ones. Comment on others yourself as often as possible.

Arrange raffles and votes under your videos, ask questions to Fans or Followers directly in the description of the video, motivate them to be active. But always stay in line, don't become a freak.

Social networks and other platforms

Along with cheating Fans on TikTok and other paid services, be sure to use the free cheat opportunities. Give a link to your channel to all your friends and acquaintances and ask them to repost this link.

Leave a link in your signature on email and forums. Post-it with a comment in the news feed on all sites where you have your profile. Keep the link updated in the news feed.

Schedule the recording and release of new videos in advance, especially when it comes to streaming. Publish this timeline so your users can get ready to stream.

Interaction and competition

You can always mutually promote with other beginner channels. You can also order paid advertising from a top blogger on your topic. But this is rarely done today, a much more popular and effective option is to order comment from the TOP of one of your videos.

Native ads always get the best response, just pick the form that works best for your situation. In combination with boosting likes on TikTok and other SMM promotion services, such a strategy will quickly get into Popular Videos.

More about services Fans and Followers,

There are two of them - boosting Fans and Followers. Both operate according to the following principle: the more “hearts” a video has, the more often people watch it, and the more views, the more Fans. It's the same with Followers. This is called Social Proof, a psychological pattern that people will always choose whichever is more popular.

To get into this "vicious circle" you need a cheat. And do not be ashamed of this service - today everyone, absolutely all TOPs order it. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to stand out, because there are really a lot of original accounts on TikTok. But if everyone is original - which one to choose? Cheating and SMM promotion are designed to quickly and effectively solve this issue for your target audience.

How important is my success in TikTok?

Like all social platforms/networks Facebook or Instagram, TikTok measures popularity with so-called engagement, which measures the number of users interacting with a given article through various social contacts (e.g. sharing, browsing (also known as clicking or playing) and TikTok Fans or Followers). if you measure the value very high in a short time after publication, the video will be played along with other users, and not only your followers and fans but also people interested in some of the tabs. Thus, by pushing purchases, such as comments or exchange of opinions, you can maintain your contribution and the volume of your account.

In addition to TikTok liquor, we provide other social services such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch services. The difference between traditional stores is the full automatic delivery of services. We have fully automated all processes - from safe and secure Free TikTok Fans delivery. We don't have to manually order anything for you.

Advertising with popular TikTokers The main advantage of services for boosting Fans and Followers is speed and low cost. But if you need real fans who will be active and help you get into recommendations, then you should do with other TikTok users who already have a fairly large audience. Look at the promoted accounts and find out the cost of - each blogger has its own.

 If you already have a steady audience but want more, look for pages with similar metrics and try to negotiate mutually. One such promotion can quickly bring you a lot of active fans, which will give you much more value for promotion than bots. Other ways to promote Of course, in order for videos to appear in recommendations, they must be cool, bright, original, cause admiration, or a smile from viewers. When we think about promoting an account on any social network, it is worth focusing primarily on the content, otherwise, all or most of the promotion efforts will be in vain.