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How to create a Facebook page for companies?

Have you decided to go one step further on Facebook?

You do well! Facebook is an essential social network today … The time has come to create a profile or company page and start to hit Marketing on Facebook.

Follow these steps from scratch and take the professional leap to Facebook.

Before creating your company page, you must have previously created an account or personal profile to be the administrator of the said page.


Then follow these steps:

  1. Login to Facebook

Enter your Facebook profile or create a specific one. Then click on the icon on the right that simulates tools.

When that drop-down has opened, choose the Create page option and click on it.

  1. Choose what type of business you have

When you have chosen you to go to another screen where you have the possibility to choose what type of activity you are going to dedicate your page to, that is, which sector your business belongs to.

You have two options:

Brand or company: Choose Brand or company when you want to generate a page for any type of online or physical business. Community or personal brand: This option is for people who want to promote their personal brand, have a blog, sell inform products, are public figures. Also if you want to generate a community of followers of a particular topic.

Example: You are a blogger, a famous actress, or a public figure Personal Personal Brand. You have e-commerce, a new brand Brand or company.

  1. Set up the company page

The first thing it will ask you is to fill in the photo and the cover of your page. Before uploading your photographs or images, stop to think about what the showcase of your Facebook store will be. So take your time to choose them well.

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Other settings for your business Facebook

Once you have created the page for your business you will have to configure other options such as Add a brief description of your page

Clearly explain what you are, what you do, what problem you solve, and what is your greatest benefit. It is a good method to include in your description.

Create a username for your company page on Facebook

You need a name that identifies with your brand or company so that it is not difficult to find yourself on Facebook.

Put a web page

Add your business website so that potential clients can access it directly from your page Invite people who may like your page Through Facebook you can invite people who are registered on the platform so they can see and like your page.

Use these tips to optimize your fan page

In addition to these tips, it will also be useful to have your company page on Facebook optimized to increase your visibility.

You can use Facebook Ads to create a campaign on the social network.

You can also make these changes later by clicking on the settings section.

You can edit many aspects of the page such as:

The visibility of the page: You can configure if you want the page to be published or not. Geographical restrictions: You have the option of deciding whether or not your page can be viewed in certain geographical areas.

Restrictions on who is shown on the page: There are age restrictions.

Moderation in comments: You can block certain words so they don’t get published. Once you have created your Facebook page, it is important that you keep it optimized and come up with a good Facebook marketing strategy.

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